• As of Feb 1, 2020, we are changing names to PIF Solutions, LLC and moving to Plaistow, NH.

    More information to follow.

    PIF Solutions, LLC
    91 Main St. Ste 2 Plaistow, NH


  • Powerful Connections

    Take a look and enjoy!

    TLO & Microbilt

    TLO is a top-tiered data vendor that gives us the ability to search by ssn or name and address / other factors. Microbilt, while not a top-tiered database, has it's own unique features that can definitely assist in the collection and skip tracing process.

    While we take advantage of these powerful vendors, we also utilize many other processes than just database searches.


    Social networking is the way of the future. Everyone is posting everything online. Privacy is a huge concern where more and more people are starting to take privacy seriously.


    Powerful Osint techniques are needed to locate the information needed for our clients.


    We specialize in using these techniques to find information where others may be at a loss.

  • Services And Rates

    Judgment Collection & Skip Tracing

    We are here to fully service you judgment collection and skip tracing needs. Contact us to discuss either service.

    Judgment Skip Tracing Rates - 10+ Cases a month:
    Due Diligence Skip Tracing - $50.00 / hour

    Address Locates and Verifications - $50.00
    Place of Employment Locates and Verifications: $65.00 - $75.00


    * Under 10 cases a month, add on $25 to each rate.


    Don't trust a skip tracing provider unless they provide proof of the verification!!

    Commercial Collection at Low Rates

    Neal And Associates MA will collect your b2b receivables while doing a full investigation of the opposing business at no extra charge. Our rates are highly competitive and our service is unmatched.

    30 - 60 days late - 20% Commission
    60 - 90 days late - 30% Commission
    90+ days late - 40% Commission

  • Learn More

    Eric Neal has almost 15 years in the judgment recovery and debt collection litgation industry. Having worked at and managed various collection agencies handling consumer and commercial litigation, he decided to open "Affordable Financial Solutions, LLP" in 2010. After a total of 10 years, having grown tired of 3rd party collection practices, he opened "Neal And Associates MA, LP" in 2015 and specializes in debt buying, consulting, commercial collection, judgment recovery and skip tracing.

    "Neal & Associates MA" is the company that will be handling your judgment & commercial collection, skip tracing and consulting needs, however "The Skip Tracing Community" is the educational side of what we offer - most of it for free.

    The Skip Tracing Community

    A growing community on Facebook of skip tracers in several different fields. Absolutely free to join.

    Free YouTube Skip Tracing Education

    Over 50 free educational videos in the business and skip tracing field.

    Our exclusive forum for industry professionals

    A growing community of industry professionals. We are very pleased to offer our "Black Book," a quickly expanding list of direct business contacts (tested & verified) that will verify employment in regards to a wage garnishment. Premium access to this feature is only $19.95 / month. Cancel anytime.

  • Contact Us

    Don't be afraid to reach out. We check our email several times daily.